Urchin processes my log file as one long line. Why

Urchin processes my log file as one long line. Why?

This problem usually arises when the web server and Urchin are running on different operating systems. For example, if your web server is running on Mac OS 9 and Urchin is running on a Windows based OS then Urchin may read the log file as one long line. The problem is that each operating system uses a different character to represent a new line.

The new line character on Unix type systems (including OS X) is a line feed (\n). Windows uses a carriage return and a line feed (\r\n) for a new line. To make things even more interesting Mac OS 9 uses just a carriage return (\r).

To solve this problem you need to re-process your log file with some type of script (PERL, shell, etc) that replaces the new line character at the end of each log file line with a character consistent with the operating system that Urchin is running on.