Urchin Software Advanced Technical Support

  • If your organization relies on Urchin Software as an integral part of online sales and marketing analysis, UrchinExperts highly recommends our Annual Support Plan for ongoing assistance with Advanced Configuration, Log Management, Reporting, Deployment for Large Networks or Webhosts, Troubleshooting and Best Practice Advisement.
  • An initial response is typically a ticket solution, but may also be a request for more information (a log file, a configuration file, etc.)
  • When submitting a ticket, you are welcome to request a scheduled support call with a technical specialist.
  • Monitored normal ticketing support Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Support incidents are billed in 15 minute increments
  • For Annual Plan unused monthly time does not rollover to the following month
  • While we provide in-depth installation assistance, we do not perform direct work on client servers
  • Because Urchin Software is technically-advanced, we strongly recommend that a web administrator or IT manager is the primary point of contact with our Urchin Technical Specialists
  • Purchaser of a Professional Support Plan agrees to UrchinExperts Terms of Service.

Contact us at 480.609.8900 for Assistance.