UrchinExperts from Actual Metrics

UrchinExperts is the Urchin Software Support Division of Actual Metrics. At Actual Metrics, we offer sales, support and consulting for Urchin Software and Angelfish Software to companies globally. We blend in-depth knowledge of Urchin Software and Angelfish Software with expertise in web analytics and website strategy to deliver comprehensive solutions enabling each client to maximize their website’s potential.

About Actual Metrics

Actual Metrics is a global analytics and optimization consultancy focusing on increasing website conversions, improving marketing ROI and driving intelligent business decisions. Our solutions include website analysis, A/B and multi-variant testing, user experience optimization and online business strategy. Actual Metrics provides onsite and remote consulting, support and training solutions to optimize the configuration, use and results of Angelfish Software and Urchin Software.

About Urchin from Google

Founded in 1995, Urchin is the web analytics and marketing intelligence solution trusted by Fortune 500 companies and used for over one million websites worldwide. Urchin was known for offering enterprise level features at a modest price point. Actual Metrics is one of the original re-sellers and continues to be a leader in support of Urchin Software.

As of May 3, 2005, Urchin Software came under the ownership of Google. Urchin was discontinued in 2012. Migrate your Urchin data to Angelfish!