I see hits in my Urchin reports, but no sessions or visits

Question: I see hits in my Urchin reports, but no sessions or visits?

Answer: When there is trouble with the data in Urchin’s reports 9 times out of 10 it has to do with an incorrect log file format. This includes visitation data and e-commerce data. The best course of action is to manually examine the log format and make sure it matches your settings in Urchin. You can also run Urchin in debug mode to see how Urchin is processing each log hit to ensure that the data is parsed into the correct Urchin fields.

Another thing to check is the UTM Domain name. If the client is using the UTM tracking method then the UTM Domain setting in the Reporting tab of a profile needs to match the domain in the actual UTM file. Make sure that the case of the domain name in the UTM file matches the domain name in Urchin. A hash is created of the domain name and a difference in case will cause the hash to be different.

We ran into an interesting problem with a client running an IIS web server. When Urchin processed the log file page hit data appeared in the reports but no visits or sessions. The file looked to be a standard W3C log file until we dissected a hit in the log file. We discovered that IIS was not logging the uri-query properly. The uri-query was connected to the uri-stem so Urchin could not process the data into request_stem and request_uri.

The above situation leaves the client with only 1 option which is to manually (or create a script) correct the log file by separating the uri-query from the uri-stem. However, IIS should be doing this by default, though.

Urchin support worked with a client who was having a similar problem. They were able to resolve the issue by changing some configurations of the client’s CMS software. Below is his fix: We fixed the logging problem at our end by adding an exclusion to our CMS (Site Executive) so that it did not parse any files in a certain folder (into which we placed the UTM files). This stopped the incorrect query stem/string being appended to the utm.gif file within IIS logs. (Urchin v5.7.03 Windows)