How Urchin handles the UTM domain name

Question: How Urchin handles the UTM domain name?

Answer: Urchin always hashes the domain name when using the UTM tracking method. This hash value then gets stored in a cookie that Urchin uses to track user actions. When it comes time to process the log data Urchin hashes the value of the “UTM Domain” entry [found in the "Reporting" tab] using the same algorithm that the UTM uses.

If the domain is set to “auto” in the UTM, Urchin will set the domain hash based on the domain the visitor is accessing. For example, if the visitor is accessing, the domain hash is based on If the user hits, the domain hash is based on If the UTM domain is empty, Urchin will grab the first utm hit in the log file and set the UTM domain to the domain hash of that hit.

If the value of the domain hash calculated by the UTM and stored in the log hits does not match the domain hash from Urchin, then Urchin will not properly process the data in the log file. Urchin will only process data that has the same domain hash in the _utm cookies as the “UTM domain” setting. More than likely you will see data in the “Hits Graph” report but not in any of the other Urchin reports.