How does Urchin 5 licensing work

How does Urchin 5 licensing work?

The Urchin activation process is as follows:

When installing a serial code your Urchin machine sends the serial code and key code to the Urchin licensing server. Urchin verifies these two values and returns a license key enabling the customer to complete the installation.

  1. ugetlicense utility automates the sending of the serial code and key code to the Urchin license center
  2. A unique license key is returned and written to the Urchin configuration. You can use uconf-export to export your Urchin configuration which contains this value.
  3. The key code is computed using:
    • Inode numbers of configuration database files (Unix systems)
    • System identifiers (Windows systems)
    • Note that the IP address is NOT used in the license key!
    • Also note that copying Urchin config databases or moving Urchin to another disk or partition will change the computed key code.
  4. Once activated no further network-based license authentication is done by any Urchin component.