How do I turn data center mode on and off

How do I turn data center mode on and off?

Data Center Mode can be turned on or off using the uconf-driver command. uconf-driver, provides a command line interface for administering the Urchin 5 configuration. All functionality present in the Urchin 5 administration interface is available in this utility, thus it can completely replace the use of the administration interface for managing any facet of the Urchin 5 configuration. The uconf-driver is intended for use in situations where managing the Urchin 5 configuration through automated/unattended scripts is desired.

To turn data center mode on:


/path/to/urchin/util/uconf-driver action=set_parameter recnum=1 cr_dcmode=on


To turn data center mode off:


/path/to/urchin/util/uconf-driver action=set_parameter recnum=1 cr_dcmode=off


More information about uconf-driver can be found on Urchin’s website here: