How do I delete and re-process data in Urchin

Question: How do I delete and re-process data in Urchin?

Answer: Reprocessing a Single Day:

In the Urchin admin GUI, edit the Profile and turn off Log Tracking under the Storage/DB tab. Be sure to click Update to save your change.

Under the Log Sources tab, ensure that the proper log file (s) to be re-processed are specified. The log data should only contain hits for the date(s) that you are zeroing out the statistics for.

Invoke a command shell on the Urchin system.

Run the udb-sanitizer utility in the ‘util’ directory/folder of the Urchin distribution with the command


udb-sanitizer -p profile-name -d YYYYMM


Where YYYYMM is the year and month containing the day you wish to reprocess.

Select option 5, Zero out one or more days. The utility will prompt you for the correct day and will zero out the statistics for that particular day. If you have a range of contiguous days you’d like to zero you can specify that range by using the numbers of the start and end days separated by a hyphen (e.g. 5-10 to zero out days 5 through 10 of the month). If necessary, re- invokes the utility to zero out statistics for additional days in that month if you cannot use a range.

Click the Run Now button under the Run/Schedule tab for the Profile to reprocess the log data

Reset the Log Source by changing the Log File Path back to its original setting

Under the Storage/DB tab in the profile edit area, turn Log Tracking back on

Reprocessing an Entire Month:

The procedure for reprocessing an entire month’s worth of data is identical to the single day procedure above, except when invoking the udb-sanitizer utility select Option 2, and delete this month entirely instead of Option 5.

Additional information:

The udb-sanitizer utility provides additional functionality for managing Urchin databases.