1. Is it possible to use both Urchin Software and Google Analytics simultaneously. Why would you want to use both products at the same time?
  2. Can I track banner ad clicks on my website?
  3. Where do you download Urchin software?
  4. Where can I find the default log file formats for Urchin?
  5. Will Urchin run on a 64-bit OS?
  6. What are the recommended hardware specs for Urchin 5?
  7. How can I move Urchin and all of the report data to another server?
  8. How do I delete and re-process data in Urchin?
  9. I see hits in my Urchin reports, but no sessions or visits?
  10. How do I back up my Urchin configuration on a nightly basis?
  11. It appears that my profile is stuck with a status of ‘pending’. How do I fix this?
  12. What are all the various types of user-agents?
  13. Where can I find a list of mobile user-agents?
  14. What is a common Apache log format that will work with the utm tracking method?
  15. How Urchin handles the UTM domain name?
  16. What is the log file format for a Helix (Media Server [Real Media])?
  17. Can I change the value of the DD and %d wildcards?
  18. Are there any issues accessing a log file on a UNC Connection (mapped network drive)?
  19. Why do I see a ‘-’ in some of my reports and how can I remove it?
  20. I just installed the UTM tracking code, why does Urchin report previous visitors?
  21. How do I fix the ‘Profile has been locked by another process. Exiting.’ error?
  22. Are page hits with a 304 “not modified” header counted as hits?
  23. I’m getting the error ‘Warning, Task Scheduler Disabled’ when trying to process my log files.
  24. How does Urchin use the time zone offset found in Apache logs?
  25. Can I change the language for the admin section of Urchin?
  26. How do I rename an existing profile in Urchin software?
  27. Can I schedule Urchin to process logs without using the Urchin Scheduler
  28. What format does Urchin expect Google’s AdWords PPC data to be in?
  29. Can I share log sources between different affiliations?
  30. What are the minimum fields required to process an IIS log file?
  31. I’m having trouble running the geo-update command in Urchin 5?
  32. Can Urchin process a log file with two different line formats?
  33. What are some of the restrictions on the Urchin demo?
  34. Why are certain files missing from the Urchin reports?
  35. How many log sources come with each Urchin module?
  36. How do I register Urchin if the machine can not reach the internet?
  37. Is there a way to export more data than what appears on the screen?
  38. Information about the Urchin DNS database update.
  39. What is the maximum amount of memory that Urchin can use?
  40. How do I enable logging for Urchin’s internal web server?
  41. How do I turn data center mode on and off?
  42. What does “ERROR: Received interrupt signal(2)” mean?
  43. How does ct_runstatus affect the Urchin scheduler?
  44. How does Urchin calculate average session length?
  45. What type of database does Urchin use?
  46. Will the 500,000 limit on database table rows limit the amount of data I can store in Urchin?
  47. What does the following error mean: ERROR: (7008-54-441) DB file is the wrong size – run sanitizer.
  48. Is Urchin software multi-threading?
  49. How do squid servers affect Urchin?
  50. Can Urchin 5.X process binary log files?
  51. Do I need a load balancing module?
  52. Does urchin identify user session before or after applying filters?
  53. What format does Urchin expect Overture’s PPC data to be in?
  54. What are the data fields used in Urchin 5?
  55. What does the error “WARNING: (7026-76-83) Could not open log file – check permissions” mean?
  56. Can I globally change the case setting of the URI stem in my log file?
  57. What information does the ‘machine’ of a configuration file hold?
  58. Where is the Urchin configuration database located?
  59. Urchin processes my log file as one long line. Why?
  60. How does the UTM Tracking Method for Urchin 5 work?
  61. How can I change the textual content of Urchin?
  62. Is there a version of Urchin 5 for Solaris 10?
  63. Why do I see a drop in my visitors when changing Visitor Tracking Method from ‘IP + UserAgent’ to ‘UTM’?
  64. My web application sets the session ID in either a cookie or a query string variable. How do I configure Urchin?
  65. How do I set up Urchin to work with Plesk?
  66. Are there any helper scripts for Urchin 5?
  67. How does Urchin 5 licensing work?