Can I track banner ad clicks on my website

Question: Can I track banner ad clicks on my website?

Answer: Both Google Analytics and Urchin 5 software provide a method for you to track banner ad exits on your website. This information is valuable because it gives you some idea of where people are going after they visit your site. It also gives you accurate data for the value of your banner ad space on your website.

Google logs clicks on the banner ads as though the user clicked on a page in your website. So when you view reports in Google Analytics you will see the banner ad click as a click to a special page. The name of that page is created by you.

All the setup for this tracking method is done in the HTML of your website. When you create the link for the banner ad use the following syntax:

<a href=”” onClick=”javascript:urchinTracker(‘/bannerads/advertiser-name/banner-ad-name’)”> banner-ad</a>

When the user clicks on the banner ad the JavaScript function urchinTracker() will log a pageview for the page named “/bannerads/advertiser-name/banner-ad-name. This isn’t a real page, but something that Urchin can display in its reports. One thing to notice is the logical structure of the dummy page. Using a structure like the one above allows you to easily identify the referrals to each advertiser on your site.