Can I change the language for the admin section of Urchin

Can I change the language for the admin section of Urchin?

The Administration UI language settings cannot be modified unless your Urchin installation is a fully localized build (which requires additional licensing and customized binaries from our engineering team). Currently this is only available for Japanese and Spanish, the Portuguese dictionary can only be modified in the reporting interface.

Yes, the demo license will allow you to rewrite the portuguese language files and successfully use the product while a fully licensed installation will generate errors. The demo licenses are very liberal, and allow virtually any use of the product. That is by design, as a demo should demonstrate the full capabilities of the product. When fully licensed, the system has various access restrictions not present in the demo license, among which are restrictions on localization configuration changes. Localizing the Portuguese administration language settings is not permitted by your license (nor, at this time, by any license), and allowing it will require a custom build of the Urchin binaries.